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CCUTX Modernizes with IBT, Gains Strategic Partner

CEDAR PARK, TX – December 12, 2016 - Capitol Credit Union of Texas (CCUTX) of Austin, Texas established a collaborative partnership with IBT, transforming their digital banking presence.

Continuous billing issues, lack of communication, and cumbersome processes left CCUTX feeling overlooked by their last provider. Poor customer service and follow-up prompted the institution’s search for a new vendor.

“We were impressed with IBT’s mobile capabilities. Not only has the platform been in the market for many years and proven reliable, it will grow with us,” said CCUTX President and CEO, Pierre Cardenas.

IBT’s powerful digital platform puts CCUTX and other community financial institutions on the same playing field with larger institutions. IBT’s digital banking channels are fully integrated, allowing greater control over accounts and transactions, which leads to increased adoption rates and improved customer satisfaction. Branded, secure sites help credit unions expand their market presence with new product highlights and customized promotions.

“Big Box providers rarely send representatives to community financial institutions during conversion, and their web and phone support usually falls short. IBT is on-site before, during, and after conversion, experiencing challenges in real-time. Our presence fosters communication and relays the appropriate urgency to the development and installation teams back at IBT offices,” said IBT CEO Mark Dittman.

“Converting with IBT was outstanding. Throughout the process, the IBT team was on-site, listening to our concerns and supporting us every step of the way. We found their level of support tremendous especially from what we had experienced before. They felt like an extension of our own team,” added Cardenas.

The staff at CCUTX is thrilled with IBT’s platform. The user-friendly interface, exceptional training, and support has allowed many CCUTX representatives to become subject matter experts in a matter of weeks. These experts are now able to provide customers with first-call resolutions. Service levels are at record highs and abandon rates are lower than ever.  

According to Cardenas, “We have experienced incredible response times with IBT. Direct access to their representatives is refreshing, and expedites problem-solving. From developers to the executive team, IBT thinks outside the box and presents solutions that are both unexpected and ideal. Best of all, they include us in their design process. It gives me great comfort knowing that IBT is there when I need them.”

Mr. Dittman added, “IBT is dedicated to every client’s success and committed to nurturing relationships that can stand the test of time. We pride ourselves on taking initiative and anticipating client needs.”

Date Published: 
8 December 2016