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Our Paperless Vision

i²Docs encrypts paper and electronic documents for secure storage and sharing. Create secure files that can be emailed to clients or to outside service providers when necessary. The research and summary tool provides simple aggregation of items for audit and loan committee review.

Any document or paper that needs saving can be scanned and stored within i²Docs. Our document templates allow you to pre-define the location where all documents are stored (CIF record, account level or department). We also offer the ability to drag and drop documents, images, emails and email attachments into any file at any time. IBT provides document storage without placing limitations on users by allowing storage of all documents in one centralized user-friendly database that can be accessed by all branches.     

Features & Benefits:

  • Scan or drag and drop
  • Automated bar code and manual indexing capabilities
  • Color or black and white
  • Accepts any file format
  • Customizable print features: add headlines, borders, and page numbers
  • Encrypted, password protected .pdf export for secure emailing
  • User-defined fields for meta-data searching
  • Add notes to pages or folders
  • Automated scanning linked to collateral
  • Online audit trail for document access and modifications
  • Full integration of signature card images for signature comparison with proof
  • Save money by eliminating the cost involved with manually handling and filing paper
  • Protect your paper records by creating electronic copies that can be backed up in multiple ways
  • Enforce your filing integrity
  • Folder level security
  • Documents can be viewed from remote locations and permission to do so can be modified at any time
i²Suite Solutions

We develop and host a suite of powerful and scalable banking applications that exemplify the next generation of processing and data management solutions for financial institutions.

Our developers and software engineers have extensive backgrounds in financial software automation. Our team of dedicated professionals provides care to community financial institutions through every step of design, implementation, training, and support.