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First National Bank Modernizes with IBT's Core System and Total Solution Suite

CEDAR PARK, TX - January 28, 2015 - IBT, Inc., a leading provider of cutting edge banking applications, announced today that First National Bank (FNB) of Eagle Lake, Texas has signed with IBT to replace its core platform.  FNB will take advantage of IBT's fully integrated customer facing cloud solution, i2Suite. This new technology will enable The Bank to meet the specific challenges of the marketplace efficiently and effectively while providing maximum convenience across all channels.

Sam Kana, President and CEO of First National Bank, commented that he first became familiar with IBT through advertisements and decided to contact them for a demo. "The idea that IBT was local and the owners were very hands on was appealing to me. Prior to doing business with IBT, FNB had been dealing with a large worldwide core processing system company and getting poor service. We had a contract that included a 15 year no escape clause which they took advantage of by offering poor customer service, if any at all. The product was a patchwork of different interfaces that didn't talk to each other. We knew we needed to make a change because the demographics of our community were changing."

"Our current client base is blended. Historically our customers have been rural, without much demand for technology. When I got here in 2004 we'd been on internet banking seven years and we only had seven customers that used it.  Now people are moving into the area from suburban and urban parts of the state and that has created a strong demand for convenience and easy to use technology for our mobile and online users. We knew we needed a better solution to be a more effective and viable organization in our community; starting with a more advanced and progressive core banking system. IBT's core product is going to help us be more responsive to our customers' needs and offers us the capability to expand and grow as we move forward into the future. Meeting the needs of our burgeoning clientele is important; it keeps us current and relevant but it doesn't require that we ignore the needs of those who prefer to come to our branch for services." Kana said. 

"We provide the highest level of personalized service and care to our customers. Our software engineers, implementation, training and support teams exemplify The IBT Difference with their industry knowledge and enthusiastic support for IBT's clients. By helping them transition to new and improved cloud technology, The First National Bank of Eagle Lake can consecutively accommodate two distinctly different clientele successfully." stated Mike Golebiowski, president of IBT.

About First National Bank

 The First National Bank, organized in 1904, is an independent community bank owned by Eagle Lake Bancshares, Inc. which in turn is owned by approximately seventy shareholders, most of whom are local residents. The Bank's historical and ongoing mission is to serve the banking needs of Eagle Lake as well as the portions for Colorado and Wharton Counties which comprise its primary trade area. Stable leadership, supportive directors, and a friendly, capable staff have allowed the bank town a major share of the local banking market. The Bank has a reputation as a lending bank and as one which makes considerable effort to stay abreast of technological and economic changes.

 For more information, visit www.fnbeaglelake.com

About IBT

IBT is an industry leading financial services software firm, established in 1999. It develops and hosts a suite of powerful core and ancillary software solutions that allow community banks to provide a complete menu of banking services.  IBT's software delivers operational efficiency, improves compliance and reduces risk to enhance overall customer experience.

Date Published: 
28 January 2015