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The Core of Custom Integration

IBT’s i²Core provides a complete package and most advanced, innovative financial software solutions. i²Core provides the right products, improves operations, reduces costs and mitigates risk, while allowing you to view all of your customer's data, relationships and transactions in a real-time environment. 

Designed as either a complete in-house or service bureau application, i²Core provides a stable, proven system that utilizes the latest in Microsoft© technology to deliver consistent information to all of your customer touch-points. 

i²Core can be partnered with i²Suite for a fully integrated approach of ancillary products, such as our i²Teller Solution, i²OLB, Debit and Credit, i²Mobile, i²Docs and more, in a single sign-on, dashboard application. IBT offers virtually every application you need to run your institution with our portfolio of user friendly, feature rich banking products and applications.

IBT’s i²Core enables you to meet the specific challenges of your marketplace, efficiently and effectively. IBT is your true technology partner that provides integrated solutions either in-house or as service bureau, with a system that is scalable, flexible, easy to use and cost effective.