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Business Continuity

IBT provides state-of-the-art disaster recovery and business continuity solutions for financial institutions. The degree of complexity of all systems has increased exponentially. The more complex the information requirement, the more demand for a comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plan. Today, there is zero tolerance for interruption of service.

Our vision takes advantage of all technological advancements. IBT fully utilizes state of the art Service Oriented Architecture framework and Virtual Machine Technology. We recognize the value of deliberate separation of hardware from the software applications in the enterprise network. Hardware is distributed throughout the network enterprise as virtual server platforms. Applications access these virtual platforms and replicate the data real time across the network. The fault tolerance of these platforms ensures up time. By distributing applications throughout a virtual platform, IBT protects you against downtime and service interruption. The communications infrastructure is configured to allow for large amounts of data to be moved across the enterprise.

IBT provides for disaster recovery of financial institutions network infrastructures with complete annual testing to comply with current regulatory requirements and proof of concept. As a partner of Recovery Solutions, IBT provides access to a fully functional Mobile Bank facility.

In the world of zero tolerance for service interruption, IBT understands that disaster recovery and business continuity planning is as crucial and as important as the application deployment itself.