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IBT can help secure your network and your information by proactively identifying weaknesses in your security posture. We offer the monitoring and firewall protection to help reduce your risk.


IBT incorporates monitoring with in our corporate performance. We monitor our performance within our own business plans as well as working on our operating results. IBT believes that it is our duty to monitor and encourage ethical behavior, law compliance, regulations, and with corporate policies conflicts of interest and duty of loyalty, auditing and of course accounting principles

IBT believes monitoring does play a very large part within the Industry. All financial institutions must provide ways to watch their employees to make sure everyone is following the rules set forth by states and governments.

Firewall Protection

IBT offers Firewall solutions to ensure your network’s availability and security. IBT takes the security of your financial institutions resources to the next level by protecting the network infrastructure against network and application layer attacks, viruses and worms. IBT’s firewall protects all of your company’s communications. 

  • Protects network resources - Uses existing routing capabilities to offer distributed threat mitigation of worms, viruses, and other network and application-layer threats and exploits
  • Helps lower total cost of ownership - Reduces equipment footprint and minimizes power consumption
  • Increases deployment flexibility - Offers options for transparent and virtual firewall policies on wide variety of WAN, WLAN, LAN and VLAN interfaces
  • Helps achieve regulatory compliance
  • Improves the integrity of Communications - Helps ensure that critical unified communications service