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Advanced Debit Card and Bill Pay

IBT's i2Payments debit card processing system is one of the most widely used ATM and Debit card systems in the industry. Manage your entire card base from one consolidated system and amaze your consumers with convenience and efficiency.  

i2Payments is a feature-rich payments platform and card base that provides the information you need, when you need it, in real time. IBT offers competitive features that will help your institution succeed in the marketplace and help make your card programs easy. The intuitive design of the bill pay system makes it easy to use while promoting adoption and client satisfaction. Enhance and build client relationships with IBT's omni-channel approach to payments.

Debit and Credit Solutions

EFT is a feature-rich module which supports your payments platform and card base.

Commercial Cash Management

Built-in CCM allows users to manage business and personal accounts through the same session, enhancing the end-user payments experience.

Treasury Management

ACH processing increases efficiency and easily handling for your ever-increasing transaction volumes.

Features & Benefits:

  • Online access
  • Automated settlement
  • Multi-institutional processing
  • Robust risk mitigation tools
  • Debit authorization/protection
  • Comprehensive return item processing
  • Extensive reporting
i²Suite Solutions

We develop and host a suite of powerful and scalable banking applications that exemplify the next generation of processing and data management solutions for financial institutions.

Our developers and software engineers have extensive backgrounds in financial software automation. Our team of dedicated professionals provides care to community financial institutions through every step of design, implementation, training, and support.