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Imagine working with a core partner who puts your business first…

Many core vendors in the industry have an impersonal approach when working with community banks. They focus on the transaction and offer the same off-the-shelf solution, regardless of the bank’s needs or goals. The essence of the core partnership simply doesn’t exist.

That’s where we come in.

When IBT Apps’ founders Chuck Capel and Mike Shubert started working together in the financial industry over 20 years ago, they noticed the disservice to community banks and saw an opportunity to better serve them. They launched IBT Apps with the purpose of offering a true core partnership, focusing on core technology solutions and dedicated support that community banks like yours deserve.

Partnership focused on you

We manage your technology, so you don’t have to

You deserve a core solution that isn’t burdened with complex contracts, technology barriers, or vulnerabilities and has what you need to maximize your business. Our solutions leave nothing out and include core processing, payment solutions, teller capture, digital banking, and reporting, along with ongoing and personal service and support. We manage and protect all of your technology, so you don’t have to, allowing your team to elevate your customers’ banking experience.

Adaptability. Longevity. Reliability. IBT Apps demonstrates these all in our technology and support, with an added layer of trust and transparency. We may not be the biggest vendor in the industry, but we will put our customer service rating up against any core vendor. As your core partner, we will always put your business first, so you can deliver service with confidence.

Serving banks, the way you serve your community

At IBT Apps, you can expect trust, integrity, respect, and a commitment to service.

Instead of the standard one-size-fits-all legacy core structure, you’ll be equipped and empowered with tools that cater to your bank’s needs and enable you to grow your business. You and your staff can work with a core system that has the power to adapt to your needs and the industry’s needs as they change, which benefits your business in and of itself. You also have access to client-first, responsive support, which takes the headaches out of a typical implementation and provides the best training and guidance to set your bank up for success.

As a client at IBT Apps, your voice truly matters and is a large part of our software enhancements process. By participating in our Client Advisory Board, your vote helps decide how and what products we should improve or create next. The enhancements are then offered back to our clients free of charge. This process allows us to stay focused on the business needs of community bankers and continue providing value for our clients.

“Throughout our 7-year partnership, IBT Apps shepherded us away from a variety of antiquated systems to i2Suite. Their commitment to our success is evident in the way they keep up with evolving technology while keeping cost stable.”

Dale Leighty, CEO & Chairman
First National Bank

Roots Grounded in Expertise

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