Teller Capture

Empower Your Tellers.

Delight Your Customers.

Teller Capture Software that is intuitive, efficient, and accurate.

Increase productivity and cut costs with i2Teller, IBT Apps’ proprietary teller capture software. i2Teller empowers your tellers to verify transactions immediately at the teller line, speeding up service and helping to deliver an exemplary customer experience. Integrations for new loans and accounts, as well as customer-level supervisor overrides, support smooth customer interactions, reducing delays while assuring customers that their transactions are efficiently and thoroughly handled. Your staff will also benefit from single sign-on rather than juggling multiple platforms.

Exceed customer expectations and optimize customer experiences

Not only does i2Teller support tellers, it also builds and maintains customer confidence by making their banking more efficient and immediately verifiable. Because it’s integrated with the IBT Apps digital banking platform (including online and mobile banking), your customers can view their transactions and check images immediately – no waiting for nightly transaction processing or logging into a separate system to view their transactions.

  • Use single sign-on to view CIF and relationship profiles.
  • Receive customer-defined alerts from your digital banking platform for in-person and online transactions.
  • Streamline cash back transactions with electronic signature pads.
  • Benefit from single sign-on with real-time check imaging.
  • Verify digital transactions immediately at the teller line.
  • Print blank stock official checks and money orders.

Boost productivity and experience cost savings

i2Teller saves time and improves transaction accuracy rates. Because it integrates with our i2Suite, it puts powerful customer service and risk management capabilities in your tellers’ hands, such as:

  • Customer identification and signature cards for immediate review
  • Electronic teller journals for online, real-time research
  • OFAC scanning on official items before printing & issuance
  • Electronic Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) assistant
  • Account balance and customized receipt printing
  • Official items printing on blank laser-printer stock
  • Remote supervisor override
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“IBT Apps products make us more efficient.”

Molly Scully, HRO
Bank of Mauston


Streamline operations and back-end management

i2Teller also streamlines operations management with efficient, effective tools for analyzing and recording transaction and accounting data, including:

  • Electronic end-of-day reporting
  • Currency Transaction Report (CTR) e-filing
  • Electronic monetary instrument log
  • Check21 integration
  • Virtual ticket creation
  • Deferred transactions
  • Transaction count reports

Make critical data accessible with secure, integrated reports

i2Teller integrates with the powerful, dynamic data processing and tracking offered through our i2Suite platform to deliver the reports you need, when you need them, with the most current information available. Provide your tellers with:

BSA/AML Reporting

Give your tellers the transaction-level tools they need to manage BSA/AML risk. i2Teller makes it easy for your tellers and service representatives to complete CTRs quickly, on the spot. The CTR module’s user-friendly interface allows tellers to aggregate transactions across all locations, in real-time, based on the customer information file.

Compliance Officers also benefit, with centralized reports on the back end, simplifying review, approval, and electronic FinCEN filing. Configurable reports are filed electronically with FinCEN complying with their paperless forms standards.

Additional features include:

  • Triple-layer protection for input, review, and submission
  • Information encrypted and securely stored
  • FinCEN interactions managed within the system for audit
  • Enforces aggregation threshold of $10,000, requiring collection of all data

OFAC Reporting

With i2Teller, negotiable instruments are verified through OFAC automatically, instantly displaying and logging results.

i2Teller also offers:
Complete OFAC reporting daily on all core accounts:

  • FSE
  • SSI
  • NS-PLC
  • 561 List
  • NS-ISA
  • 314A support

Work better, together

Support your tellers and delight your customers with i2Teller.

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