IT Managed
Network Services

IT Managed Network Services

IBT Apps offers a range of enterprise solutions that are built around your business goals to enhance your infrastructure and help keep your financial institution secure and compliant. Take the stress out of managing your IT services and leverage the power of partnership with IBT Apps. Our managed network services eliminate the hassle in maintaining and securing your valuable and necessary IT infrastructure.

Focus on running your business instead of running your IT department.

Too often banks hold on to old, underperforming technology and don’t have the right experts in place to provide the support needed to optimize the bank’s infrastructure. With IBT Apps Managed Network Services, you partner with experts in both banking and technology that focus exclusively on your technology’s performance, so you can successfully run your business.

Clients sleep better at night knowing that IBT Apps takes care of the following:

End-to-End Security

Threats of phishing and ransomware attacks are always changing, and it takes full-time experts to safeguard against bad actors. That’s why every facet of MNS is designed for the security and protection of a bank’s data, network, and systems. 

  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Encrypted email security
  • Data communications & management, primary & backup
  • Anti-virus protection & reporting
  • Instilling security policies
  • Business continuity
  • Server & workstation operating system patching & reporting
  • Enforcing security policies
  • Direct support from IBT Apps IT

Ongoing Maintenance

IBT Apps takes care of all system maintenance, patching, updates, security and vulnerability scanning and remediation, as well as 24x7x365 real-time alerting and monitoring.

  • Firewall management including AV, IDS & GEO
  • Firewall advanced monitoring with DPI, (Decrypt SSL Traffic), social media access app control
  • Performance monitoring
  • Regular network health reporting
  • Annual technology planning & strategy
  • Comprehensive network administration, troubleshooting & maintenance
  • Security information & event management
  • Detailed reporting on systems & provided service

Arm your financial institution with IBT Apps’ complete and compliant solution.

Managed Network Services

Managed Network Services goes beyond updating software and troubleshooting technical issues. IBT Apps truly wants to ensure your systems perform optimally and maintain compliance.

That’s why our MNS complete solution significantly focuses on risk management, so that your data, your customers, and bank are always protected.

Here are additional services your bank can expect when your partner with us:

Examination support – Proactive compliance is no longer out of reach. IBT Apps’ MNS team can provide you with the technology and process support that your bank needs during a security examination, which can include customized reporting and documented industry specific and required cybersecurity processes and procedures. IBT Apps also uses learnings and findings from client exams and auditor requests to continue improving this service and creating value for its clients.

Total systems management – Eliminate the need for multiple vendors! With IBT Apps complete solutions model, community banks can have their core and digital banking platforms as well as Managed Network Services under one umbrella and one partner.

Moreover, IBT Apps and the MNS services are regulated by the FFIEC, OCC, FRB, FDIC, and State, ensuring a higher level of compliance standards are achieved.

Is Your IT Provider Covering All the Bases?

Whether you’re outsourcing your IT management or have a professional working on site, you’ll want to make sure they’re doing more than just troubleshooting technology issues. You need an expert who is versed in compliance and can uncover opportunities for growth.
Think your IT provider is doing all of this and more? Find out for sure when you take our online evaluation.

Get upgraded to the full Microsoft 365 suite.

Included with our managed services you will have access to the most recently updated Microsoft 365 suite. With these modern tools your team will have what they need to effectively run internal, day-to-day operations through applications such as:
  • Outlook for Email
  • Teams for internal chat and video conferencing
  • Planner for task and project organization
  • OneDrive for file storage and secure sharing
  • Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and so much more
These are just a few applications we use internally on a day-to-day basis that bring ease and value to running our own business. With many of our employees working at home due to the pandemic, these tools have enabled us in adjusting to our new normal and not skip a beat.

Eliminate the Costs of Managing IT Without the Proper Expertise

With evolving technology, heavy industry competition, compliance regulations, and rising threats in cyberattacks, there’s too much at stake and your bank can’t afford to have your IT poorly managed. At IBT Apps, we recognize that bankers need a complete technology solution that offers secure support to their entire infrastructure and a service that upholds the highest compliance standards. If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for your banks managed IT services, IBT Apps knows the business and is here to help with our expert services. Let us manage your technology, so you can focus on what you do best.

Leverage the power of partnership.

Eliminate the pains of maintaining and securing your banks IT infrastructure by letting us do the work.

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