From humble beginnings to an evolution in core partnership

The IBT Apps story begins with a vision of creating a company that serves and protects communities through community banks.

Beginning in a barn in a small town in East Texas, the IBT Apps’ founders saw a broken industry in that legacy core vendors were providing a disservice to community banks. Clients were being held hostage to their vendor agreements, and the opportunities for growth were dismal, making it very challenging for a community bank to thrive.

This had to change.

Therefore, IBT Apps was formed to protect community banks. We are a dedicated core partner that provides your bank with the products and services that you need to grow and serve the communities you live in.

Laying down the roots for IBT Apps

Prior to the creation of the company, the IBT Apps founding team was involved in building, growing, or servicing some of the most relevant applications still used today, including major core processing systems, back-office processing solutions, and government applications.

The first platforms we developed were our Integrated Bank Environment (IBE), our digital banking platform (i2OLB), and our teller capture system (i2Teller), all still used today at IBT Apps.

As the company grew, the platforms would continue to be enhanced and expanded, with major development to i2Teller. These changes would enhance the teller capture system to be one of the best in the industry. Any bank that uses i2Teller will tell you the system is one of the best in the market because it significantly streamlines the transaction process, increases productivity, and is highly cost effective.

Getting back to the core business…

As the pace of ancillary technology continued to increase in the industry, it became increasingly clear that legacy core technology couldn’t keep up. Integrations between ancillary products and the core were delivering inconsistent information. As designed, these legacy core solutions could no longer serve the community banks they were intended for nor meet the bank’s customers’ expectations. These makeshift systems weren’t performing optimally, creating a management nightmare.

With a great technology foundation in place and a vision of a better way to serve community banks, it was time to offer a core solution that adapted to a bank’s needs and a core partnership that banks could trust.  IBT Apps’ core platform, i2Core (“i2” for “intelligence, integrated”) would be developed with the needs of the community banker in mind. With full-featured products like Deposits, Loan Processing, and Safe Deposit Box Processing, our i2Core banking platform supports your bank operations with strategic technology that’s easy to use, secure, and is accurate. With i2core, your bank receives the complete package with technology and support and an added layer of trust and transparency.

Integrating history into future success intelligently

We have set out to unify our products and data into a single solution using a cloud-based, open API application, which allows for real-time data analytics and delivers information in the moment. Our i2Suite premier platform is an adaptable, affordable solution that enables community banks to provide a complete suite of products and services to their customers. The progressive design of i2Suite allows us to deliver on our vision of adapting to the everchanging advancements in technology.

As innovations continue to outpace legacy core systems, we continue to enhance our core software to give you the tools and the data you need to leverage as you (or any potential partner) see fit.

We manage and protect all of your technology, so you don’t have to.

Our ongoing commitment to community banks

You deserve a core partner that won’t burden you with complex and punitive contracts, technology barriers, and vulnerabilities. As your core partner, we will provide the technology and support to evolve your business, so you can elevate your customers’ banking experience. We will always put your business first, so you can deliver service with confidence. Moreover, in working with us, your voice will always matter.

Work with a trusted core partner

Get the technology and support needed for your bank to evolve.

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