How Core Technology is Changing Community Banking
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Core Processing

Core Banking Software

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Adaptable Core Banking Software

View all your financial institution’s customer information, relationships, and documents in one place with IBT Apps i2Core platform. i2Core delivers real-time data to all your touchpoints, empowering decision-makers with the timely, accurate information they need.

With i2Core you have the advantage of automated general ledger balancing, integrated budgeting, and the capacity to manage holding company and branch accounting, saving you time and enabling you to meet your customers’ needs quickly and efficiently.

Scalable, flexible, and easy to use features:

  • Real-time account management
  • Quick access to customer information
  • Single sign-on to view both CIF and relationship profile
  • Integrated general ledger
  • Safe deposit box management
  • Employee rights & permissions administration
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With full-featured products, our i2Core banking platform supports your enterprise with technology that’s easy to use, secure, and accurate.

And, with our secure data center services, you can permanently house and manage information on customers and transactions.

Powerful customer-centric products with one integrated core banking software

Deposit Processing

Save time and boost transaction accuracy rates for deposits with our deposit processing software. Designed to be intuitive and efficient, deposit processing allows you to take advantage of a variety of solutions at both account and client levels, across all applications.

Enjoy a range of deposit account features for your financial institution:
  • Account analysis
  • Overdraft protection
  • Bank-defined service charge routine
  • Online NSF, Non-Post & charge-back processing
  • Integrated image retrieval
  • Sweep & Tickler systems
  • Product templates
  • Combined statements
Offer your customers a range of deposit accounts to suit their needs:
  • Demand Deposit Accounts
  • Money Market Accounts
  • Individual Retirement Accounts
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Savings Accounts
  • Club Accounts
  • Certificates of Deposit

Loan Processing

Offer your customers the borrowing options they need. Our secure loan origination platform and integrated solutions help you manage risk while providing you with relevant lending selections.

Product features include:

  • Overdraft protection
  • Product templates
  • Tickler system
  • FASB fee reporting
  • Full escrow accounting
  • Fixed, variable, or combination rates
  • Automated Credit Bureau reporting
  • Debt cancellation insurance

​Stay competitive in an ever-evolving market with our broad variety of loan services:

  • Consumer, real estate, commercial and mortgage
  • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  • Home Equity
  • Line of Credit
  • Agricultural/Farm credit
  • ARM accounting
  • SBA loans and reporting
  • Participations bought and sold
  • Dealer floor plans
  • Amortized
  • Single Pay
  • Balloon
  • Construction to perm note


i2Core’s safe deposit box processing provides quicker and more secure customer service while saving your financial institution time and money with increased efficiencies.

Safe Deposit Box Processing

Streamline safe deposit box administration and leverage fraud detection capabilities with our fully integrated safe deposit box processing solution. i2Core’s safe deposit box processing reduces billing and accounting time and eliminates time spent on rebilling late payments with automated rebilling on a customizable schedule.

Safe Deposit Box Processing includes:

  • Display screen for an authorized user, photo ID, and signature
  • Safe deposit box availability and wait-list reports
  • Easy-to-access authorized user information
  • Real-time updates to visit/activity logs
  • Integrated billing system
  • Box income reports

Get the data insights your bank needs with i2Suite dynamic reporting

i2Suite’s reporting function offers efficient, customizable, and automated reporting at the regulatory, board, executive, and line management levels.

Get transaction-based, on-demand reports, automated call reports, and more – using graphical reporting tools, drag-and-drop ad hoc tools, and Excel to help build reports that communicate the business insights you need to stay informed.

Data Insights

Get started using hundreds of ready-to-use reports

Hundreds of standard reports and automated report processing sent to storage, printer, or branches make i2Suite reporting a powerful communication tool, plus you can bookmark favorite reports to find and reuse them quickly.

Mine data with Simple Report Writer

Virtually anyone can create reports with Simple Reports Writer. Features include:

  • Easy navigation and use
  • Summarized and detailed report options
  • Copy and customize standard report templates
  • Graphical and ad hoc reporting tools

Try Expert Report Writer for unlimited report building

Use your coding abilities to write reports that are fine-tuned to your bank’s needs. Use our dynamic reporting tool or purchase advanced reports for a small fee to get a jump-start.

  • Your reports, your way
  • Virtually every database field available
  • 1 year assistance with Expert Report Writer at no extra charge (after converting to i2Core)
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“The new technology from IBT helps us reduce exception items and adjustments while improving transaction accuracy rates.”

Frank Leone, VP
Stockmens National Bank

Is your core falling flat?

Get your bank’s performance on the right track with i2Core.

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