Staying up to date with the everchanging payment industry can be challenging. But with IBT Apps you’ll always have access to the most up to date payment services you need to compete and grow your business.

Manage all of your payment services more efficiently with powerful integrations

i2Suite’s payment processing integration enhances your back-office efficiency while offering your customers easy, fast and secure payment solutions. With an intuitive and feature-rich design, our payment solutions make it easy to promote bank adoption and attain client satisfaction.

Full-featured services include:

EFT and debit pay solutions
Card control to your customers

Integration with IBT Apps i2OLB bill pay solutions

EFT | Debit Pay Solutions

Improve customers’ banking experience and your back-office efficiency.

IBT Apps EFT and debit pay solutions offer your customers the convenience of paying with their mobile devices. With alerts generated from our digital banking platform, your bank will be at the leading edge of fraud prevention, empowering your customers with real-time notifications and peace of mind against suspicious activity.

Bank benefits include:

  • Real-time functionality
  • Risk mitigation tools
  • Single sign-on card platform management
  • Automated settlement
  • Multi-institution processing
  • Comprehensive return item processing
  • Card maintenance

Customer benefits include:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay (G Pay)
  • Account to Account (A2A) transfers
  • Customer-selected debit card alerts
  • Real-time debit authorization and protection
  • Custom limits for cards

Bill Pay Solutions

Offer a high-demand bill pay solution to attract customers and increase revenue potential.

Stay ahead of fraud with the ability to monitor suspicious behavior, analyze data to identify abnormal patterns, refine fraud alert systems, and efficiently manage potential fraud cases from the point of detection to notification of authorities. With customizable fraud filters, MICR/non-MICR ink verification, and sophisticated signature verification that compares subtle attributes such as angle and pressure, i2FraudStop helps you protect both consumer and business accounts with precision and reliability – even as electronic transaction processing makes fraud detection more challenging.

Through bill pay, your customers can:
  • Manage and pay bills from desktop and mobile devices
  • Add payees
  • P2P and B2B transfers
  • Share bill pay history on joint accounts

Vendor compliance: stable, established practices

Our integrated platform allows us to partner with industry-leading payment processors to help you meet your debit card and bill payer needs. But even industry leaders need to earn our trust. Each of our partners is carefully vetted through our vendor management program to ensure the security, integrity, and availability of your customer information.

Visit our partners page to learn more about our strategic technology partners.

“We found the migration to IBT’s i2Suite impressive. We are extremely happy with the results, especially the customizable reports which enable faster and better financial analysis.”

Randy Blake, CFO
Champion Bank

Customer-focused payment processing options

Deliver an exceptional customer experience when you offer flexible, convenient payment solutions.

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