Manage your back office with streamlined functionality through workflows and get the security you need to process ACH and Check21 transactions with IBT Apps’ secure i2Fraudstop.

Manage all your back-office operations more efficiently with powerful integrations

i2Suite’s fully integrated environment allows you to manage your back-office functions more efficiently so you can focus on growing your bank’s business, not the minutiae of running it.

IBT Apps’ Operations Management software integrates these benefits:

Streamline workflows with i2Suite’s reconciliation product
Remote deposit capture for business and home with i2RDC
ACH and Check21 items processing
Check fraud prevention with i2FraudStop
Customized, flexible statement options

Process ACH and Check21 items securely and quickly

Increase efficiency and easily handle your growing transaction volumes with ACH and Check21. i2Suite’s Operations Management software integrates security and allows your staff to use their time more efficiently while giving you the confidence that your data is processed quickly, securely, and accurately. 

We handle it all:

  • Warehouse management
  • Allows your team to have hands-off nightly processing
  • Automated correspondent bank transmissions
  • Handling of incoming and outgoing cash letters

Offer easy remote capture for business users with IBT Apps scanners and i2RDC software

i2RDC provides your customers with convenience and security, allowing them to scan and deposit checks within their own walls using our simple, multiple-item check scanner. This transmits check images and data directly to your financial institution for faster processing. Business customers can use one of our simple-to-use check scanners to scan checks at point-of-sale, saving them time and eliminating the risk of non-available funds.

Your financial institution will realize these advantages:
  • Increased access to a wider geographic region, lowering branch traffic and transaction costs
  • Usage tracking and generation of additional fee income
  • Low-cost deposit acquisition
  • Encrypted data storage
  • CAR/LAR amount recognition
  • Secure email reporting to multiple users
  • Inclusion of items in fraud reporting, with duplicate detection
  • Daily and monthly deposit limit controls
  • User permission controls

Your customers will enjoy these benefits:

  • Complete access to all accounts through a simple browser-based solution
  • View balances and images of deposits through our online banking platform
  • Virtual deposits are included in statements
  • CSV file generation option for updating their accounting systems
  • Confirmation number upon deposit completion
  • Ability to research all deposited items

Prevent check fraud with i2FraudStop

Stay ahead of fraud with the ability to monitor suspicious behavior, analyze data to identify abnormal patterns, refine fraud alert systems, and efficiently manage potential fraud cases from the point of detection to notification of authorities. With customizable fraud filters, MICR/non-MICR ink verification, and sophisticated signature verification that compares subtle attributes such as angle and pressure, i2FraudStop helps you protect both consumer and business accounts with precision and reliability – even as electronic transaction processing makes fraud detection more challenging.

The following features make i2FraudStop an invaluable asset for any financial institution:
  • Automatic pull of suspicious items
  • Duplicate item detection
  • Signature verification
  • Velocity filters
  • Endorsement presence
  • MICR line review, including: amount, serial number range and duplicate numbers, and account number

Flexible statement options, tailored to meet your bank’s needs

i2Suite’s Operations Management software is equipped with customizable statement options that fit your institution’s statement processing preferences. Online banking integrations and statement e-delivery reduce printing and postage costs, while overlays eliminate the need for expensive pre-printed statement paper. Bank staff can speed up customer service with the option to print or reprint statements with or without images, from any workstation.
Choose from these additional features:
  • Configure number and size of images either globally or per customer
  • Print statements in tray order
  • Add pre-printed stuffers to printer tray or folder/inserter
  • Barcode address moves mail faster and ensures deliverability
  • Design statement stuffers in either Word or Publisher and print with statements
  • OMR printing verifies page order, count, and automates folder/inserter with Pitney Bowes, Neopost, and Hasler technologies

Vendor compliance: stable, established partnerships

Our integrated platform allows us to partner with industry-leading payment processors to help you meet your statement processor and technology partners’ needs. At the same time, even industry leaders need to earn our trust. Each of our partners is carefully vetted through our vendor management program to ensure the security, integrity, and availability of your customer information.

Visit our partners page to learn more about our strategic technology partners.

Say goodbye to back-office bottlenecks

Streamline your back office with IBT Apps’ Operations Management software.

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