Managing all of your documents can be overwhelming, but with IBT Apps’
dynamic i2Docs you will have the ability to automate and streamline your
processes, ultimately improving security, compliance, and efficiency.

Maximize usability at the enterprise level & adoption at the departmental level with i2Docs document imaging

i2Suite’s document imaging solution (i2Docs) provides a centralized, enterprise-wide platform for document management, with enough flexibility to accommodate configurations at the departmental level. With integrated security control, you can manage folder and sub-folder permissions and create secure files for emailing to clients or outside providers.

i2Docs encrypts all scanned documents, both in flight and at rest, for secure storage and sharing, while increasing efficiency with paperless document and file management sharing.

Improve security, compliance, and efficiency with i2Docs document imaging solution

Powerful integrations and flexible configurations allow i2Docs to manage your documents and files according to your business needs. User-defined fields and controls give you flexibility and provide you with the means for supporting bank process and policy compliance.

i2Docs saves time and money with paperless communications, allowing you to encrypt and send documents and files via email delivery. With i2Docs’ research and summary tool, you can create a seamless end-to-end process by aggregating items for audit and loan committee review.

Flexibly manage how, where, and by whom
documents are handled with these features:

  • Leverage folder level security
  • Create encrypted, password-protected documents for e-delivery
  • Obtain audit trails of who modified or accessed documents
  • Use automated barcode or manual indexing
  • Enforce filing consistency with Document Review
Make it easy to store, find, and share documents and files with these features:
  • Drag and drop documents, images, emails, and attachments into any file at any time
  • Natively store documents to maintain format integrity
  • Select from color or black and white document scanning options
  • Link automated scanning to collateral
  • Choose automated bar code or manual indexing capabilities
  • Create document templates with pre-defined location tags for use with auto-indexing
  • View documents remotely
  • Add notes to pages or folders
  • Aggregate items with the research and summary tool

Data compliance: protecting your documents and files at rest and in transit

You trust us with your data, and we take that seriously. Whether in transit or at rest, IBT Apps uses secure encryption methods to ensure the integrity of your documents and files. Additionally, as part of our Business Continuity Plan, we securely back up our databases daily so that your documents are always available to you and your customers.

Manage, share, and protect your files across your business

Increase file security, while saving time and money using iDocs.

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